Specialized Family Therapy Advanced Clinical Handbook available as free download

As you proceed through this blog you will be able to click to download the recent Advanced SFT Clinical Handbook. The passionate aim of this Handbook is to teach participants the enhanced clinical practice skills of counseling co-parents with unresolved custody-related issues and reconciling children with any non-custodial parent with whom the children have become estranged. The HANDBOOK  is also  designed to be research ready for any CLINICAL RESEARCH GROUP that would like to join us in composing a 3 year multi million dollar research grant to test SFT. In 2011, I was the recipient of the Dr. Albert B. Craig Jr. Memorial Award for innovation in Behavioral Health services for the creation of Specialized Family Therapy. .  The Specialized Family Therapy team was thrilled to receive notice from NASW, the National Association of Social Workers that the online training regimen (specializedfamilytherapy.com) was approved in December of 2015 for four continuing education credits. Throughout the four  quarters of 2016 and 2017,  therapists taking the online SFT course have rated the training very highly. These exciting developments encouraged us to develop this Advanced Specialized Family Therapy Handbook to assist the clinical profession of all disciplines nationwide.

You can download the handbook for free by clicking here.

If you'd like to learn more about expanding your practice to include court-ordered therapy, while earning valuable continuing education credits, get our Specialized Family Therapy Course Materials Now!

Specialized Family Therapy Course
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