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4 Areas of Assessment for Child-Focused Reconciliation Counseling

  As therapists, we are called to be ethically responsible and cause no harm to our clients. When conducting Court-Ordered Reconciliation Counseling, the best interest of the child must be kept a priority. This must be continually assessed, given the complex histories of families that present for reconciliation counseling. In some situations, work with the […]

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Didn’t I already take this class? The differences between Custody Ed and SFT.

Many counties require caregivers pursuing custody litigation to take a custody education class. These classes tend to teach parents about their children’s reactions to loss and separation, as well as conflict management and communication skills. Parents who have completed their custody education may wonder why they are being ordered to yet another service. However, Specialized […]

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14 Tips to Give Your Co-Parenting Counseling Clients

When helping co-parents have better parenting relationships after separation and divorce, therapists often see their clients caught in the same pitfalls again and again.  As a therapist helping co-parents, you may see clients who are caught up in the past romantic relationship or struggle with black and white thinking. Clients who are court-ordered for Specialized […]

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AAMFT: Here We Go!

Specialized Family Therapy is making its way to Portland, Oregon for the National AAMFT Conference. Maurie and I will be presenting on Sunday morning, a presentation titled, “Specialized Family Therapy Promoting Healthy Co-parenting”.  We are so excited to share this information with other professionals in the field and hope a movement towards Co-parenting and Reconciliation […]

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