Specialized Family Therapy Course

Specialized Family Therapy is an online course designed to teach therapists to helps families create solutions to resolve their Custody-related disputes.

It is one of the first courses of its kind, developed by expert family therapist and licensed clinical social worker, Maurice Heidish. Maurice has lectured on the topic of Specialized Family Therapy throughout the country, and has trained hundreds of therapists in his career which spans more than 30 years in the field.

In this course, you’ll learn how to expand your own practice into a new area of family therapy and new ways to offer your services, either independently or as part of an agency to the Family Courts in your area.

This is not an insurance-based service, which means you are free to charge the market rate for services.  If, in addition to taking the SFT training, you wish to know how to get it funded so that you can staff the program or utilize a sliding fee scale for program support, a handbook is available. After taking this course, you’ll earn the Specialized Family Therapist designation. Other practitioners we’ve trained are now charging as much as $200 per hour for their expertise.

After taking this course, you’ll earn the Specialized Family Therapist designation. Other practitioners we’ve trained are now charging as much as $200 per hour for their expertise.

As an additional bonus, you’ll receive 4 CEU credits for passing the course. Currently, the credits are approved in Pennsylvania. We plan to roll out additional states soon, but in the meantime, you can use this material and certification to check for approval in your state too.


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Therapist Facilitated Dispute Resolution

The course provides tools to proactively respond to a growing family challenge. We give you the tools and resources to show the family therapist how to

  • End intractable custody impasses
  • Soften the worries and concerns of custodial parents
  • Assist the non-custodial parent to re- unite with estranged children
  • Reduce intense hostility
  • Develop a solution-focused approach


Specialized Family Therapy Methods

The course is text-based with mutlimedia mixed in, creating an interactive learning environment for students and participants. We use video simulations to show different methods, and quizzes are available after each chapter to test knowledge and understanding of the material.

Each chapter includes a written transcript of all material, which can be printed and read offline for closer study. Also, each chapter provides resource links for a deeper dive into the material and for your further research.


Objectives of Training

The course is offered in easy-to-follow lessons, that progress in understanding of material. By the end of training, the clinician will be able to:

  • Recognize and utilize clients’ strengths following focused questions and active listening
  • Conceptualize the solutions-building paradigm and practice
  • Resolve family custody and co- parenting impasses
  • Respond to crisis, extreme behaviors and setbacks


What You Will Learn

By completing the course you will have learned what it means to offer Specialized Family Therapy, and you will also:

  • Be empowered as the Family Practitioner to more effectively resolve impasses between parents that often neither custody education nor medication has been able to resolve
  • Use advanced clinical methods to enhance co-parenting relationships in a variety of situations
  • Apply a practical interventions to provide reconciliation counseling when a parent and child have become estranged


Professional Outcomes

  • Family Therapists having completed this course will receive four CEU’s and be able to represent themselves as being able to provide Specialized Family Therapy, enhancing their professional standing.
  • You will also be able to offer your services independently or as part of an agency to the Family Court in your geographical region.
  • This is not an insurance-based service. You are free to charge the going rate of $100-$200/hour for your services, depending on your experience.


Feedback on SFT

These are statements made about Specialized Family Therapy as it relates to previous experiences as Therapists/ Psychologists:

“SFT does a good job preparing therapists for actual cases. I don’t think there was any “gotcha” (that the training didn’t provide for me.)” – SFT Practitioner

“I think the training was thorough and clean in terms of what the focus should be and goals should be.” – Experienced Practitioner

The combinations of how he used himself as a facilitator in the [role- playing] session, combined with the whole idea of motivational interviewing, those are the two things that I found most important and really stuck watching the presentation and thinking back on the particular case.” – – SFT Trainee


Below are opinions shared about Maurice as a teacher:

“He’s certainly knowledgeable and responsive to people’s questions and input.” SFT Practitioner

“This guy has a lot of experience; he’s a good clinician.” CEU Student


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