Referrals for those having the Specialized Family Therapy training

In addition to referrals for Specialized Family Therapy from the Family Court and often Court Ordered, there are a multitude of other ways parents are referred for SFT. Some referrals come from grant funded programs to improve a populations financial well being with job training and custody issues are impacting their ability to learn and perform. Often EAP: Employee assistance Programs refer people after assessing that the employees anxiety is related to these on going conflicts with an ex spouse and estrangement from their children. Increasingly referrals come from those conducting Court ordered Custody/parenting 4 hour education programs when a parent petitions the court for a change in the partial or shared custody arrangement. I happened to have been the Director of a large custody education program that served 6,400 parents and 3,500 school age children over a 3 year period. Many expressed interest in taking what the learned about conflict resolution and alternatives to dispute to a more refined level. Specialized Family Therapy helped them solidify their gains for their own and their children’s well being. Should you take the Specialized Family Therapy training here on line, you can present yourself to those providing the Custody Education parenting programs and the Family Court as ready and able to assist with SFT for those interested. Private Practitioners from all Clinical Disciplines refer clients for SFT when they recognize that their clients symptoms are exacerbated by the ongoing stress of custody related disputes.

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Specialized Family Therapy Course
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