Reconciliation as a essential part of family life

The Specialized Family therapy treatment model seeks to reconcile a given parent with his or her children. SFT also to some extent attempts to reconcile separated parents in terms of jointly raising the children at least to some degree. Ultimately, reconciliation immensely benefits the children and renews the joy parents get in raising children without their own rancor or that of the other parent being a part of the situation. Irrespective of your clients religious affiliation and or the spiritual dimension of their life, or if they are agnostic or an atheist, you will frequently be treating clients in need of reconciling with some family member. Drawing upon peoples innate sense that reconciliation is better than bitterness and rancor gives you the opportunity to help them get to the place of peace. It is not too outrageous to suggest that in showing a little mercy and nobility in letting go of the bitter feelings a parent has toward their ex, releases the forgiving parent from the identity of being seen as eager to fight even at the children’s expense. Reconciliation is also predictive of the likelihood subsequent marriages or romantic partnerships have of success. It is no accident that 66 % of second marriages fail when so many are still embroiled in custody related disputes with the parent of their previous relationship. The emotional energy to be keeping up the dispute poisons the atmosphere for the stepparent over time. For those who who take this course you will have become very competent in providing Specialized Family Therapy: Reconciliation and Co Parenting counseling and you will be able to address the step parents issues as well

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    Jay McGuire February 14, 2016 at 4:54 pm #

    I personally recommend this course for all therapists in the mental health system. At some point, we all come into direct contact with a family who’s structure has become shattered as a result of substance abuse, incarceration or divorce. It is our responsibility to acheive competance in the family reconciliation process regardless of our population served or our treatment modality.
    Thank you Maurie.

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