A partial range of populations Specialized Family Therapists serve

The object of this training regimen is to help Family Therapists resolve impasses that often neither custody education nor mediation has been able to resolve. It is vital for the Family Therapists using this on line continuing education offering for ceu’s as a training and program development device,(or individual psychotherapists seeking to understand the stresses […]

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My evolution as a therapist led to the creation of SFT

Blog: My Evolution as a Child and Family Therapist over a thirty- year period. Essentially, I created Specialized Family Therapy out of necessity some 20 years ago. I realized through the previous ten years of treating families and children that the dramatic rise in separations and custody related conflicts were negatively impacting children’s ability to […]

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Initial Course Reviews of the Specialized Family therapy Course

• Company History and Accomplishments Prior to recently creating these on line training offerings and companion pieces, Maurice Heidish had over twenty years creating and providing Specialized Family therapy to over 400 families. He trained and supervised other therapists and they have served over 200 families. Some preliminary outcomes research on SFT has been completed […]

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Intro to the Advanced Specialized Family Therapy: The Essential Handbook to be released August 15th , 2016

1.1 The SFT as a Therapeutic Continuum for Reconciliation Counseling and Co Parenting Cases. The SFT therapeutic continuum is built on a 5 bi-directional levels (see Figure 3). Each level represents an assessed choice of therapeutic modalities and strategies based on and arrived at with the active engagement and participation of the family unit (or […]

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Specialized Family Therapy : Building a Practice Guide due August 8th.

Here is a small sample overview of the suggested and successful strategies we have employed to Build A large Specialized Family Therapy Practice. Consultation services are available and invaluable as well. COURTING THE FAMILY COURTS One way to offer this service would be as a standalone service, receiving referrals from Family Court but not funded […]

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Introduction to the Upcoming Building an SFT Practice Guide

Preface In 2011, I was the recipient of the Dr. Albert B. Craig Jr, Memorial Award for innovation in Behavioral Health services for the creation of Specialized Family Therapy. Also recently, the Specialized Family Therapy team was thrilled to receive notice from NASW, the National Association of Social Workers that the Online Specialized Family Therapy […]

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Important part of Section 3 of the Building a Specialized Family Therapy Practice Guide

Most Specialized Family Therapy cases involved were court ordered cases, usually regarding separated, never married or divorced parents petitioning the family court over contentious custody/visitation impasses. However, the SFT clinical treatment model can also be used within itself as a voluntary service to parents and their children to assist with co parenting disputes, or as […]

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