Additional Clinical Applications of Specialized Family Therapy

In addition to resolving estrangement issues reconciling a  parent and a child in a separated family , Specialized Family Therapy also has broad applications to assist separated parents or those in an intact family with co parenting disputes. Co parenting is always difficult and in many situations parents have similar adult interests, political and religious persuasions, but may differ on child rearing practices. This is understandable because parents often prefer the method of parenting their own parents employed.  Thus , when each parent has been brought up differently  causes a great deal of friction between the parents.


The Specialized Family  Therapy Co Parenting interventions involve  applying a range of solution focused approaches that entice parents to compromise. The active listening techniques , scaling questions and miracle questions usually enable parents to be more hopeful they can work as a team to raise successful, happy and content children. Specialized Family therapy is also invaluable when the co parenting issues are compounded be the intact family also being step family . This brings in the  equation the  parenting style and expectations of the parent of either parents first marriage of relationship.


Essentially Specialized Family Therapy training enables therapists to be extremely flexible, patient and at times charismatic in giving parents a chance to prevail regarding the impasses co parenting differences present to them.

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Specialized Family Therapy Course
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