Our Mission

It is our vision to help families create solutions resolving custody-related disputes.

To do this, we provide therapists with tools to proactively respond to a growing family challenge:  court-ordered reconciliation and co-parenting counseling. Our training regimen and online course, Specialized Family Therapy, trains the family therapist on how to:

  • End intractable custody impasses
  • Soften the worries and concerns of custodial parents
  • Assist the non-custodial parent to re- unite with estranged children
  • Reduce intense hostility
  • Develop a solution-focused approach


Methods of Training

We use a combination of teaching methods to train therapists including text content, video simulations, quizzes, and more.

By the end of training, the clinician will be able to:

  • Recognize and utilize clients’ strengths following focused questions and active listening
  • Conceptualize the solutions-building paradigm and practice
  • Resolve family custody and co- parenting impasses
  • Respond to crisis, extreme behaviors and setbacks


What You’ll Learn

You will be empowered as the Family Practitioner to more effectively resolve impasses between parents that often neither custom education nor medication has been to resolve.

You’ll learn to use advanced clinical methods to enhance co-parenting relationships in a variety of situations, and how to apply a practical intervention to provide reconciliation counseling when a parent and child have become estranged.


Professional Outcomes

You will be able to offer your services independently or as part of an agency to the Family Court in your geographic region.

You will also receive four Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for completing this course, and be able to represent yourself as providing Specialized Family Therapy, enhancing your professional standing.


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