Maurice J Heidish LCSW, the creator of Specialized Family Therapy, has been awarded the Dr. Albert B Craig Memorial Award for Innovation in Behavioral Health by the Staunton Farm Foundation. The foundation provides Behavioral Health Grants in Urban and Rural Communities.
The Specialized Family Therapy Advanced Clinical Handbook free download see below, as well as in my latest BLOGS on this site… This new SFT companion piece is a research ready document. We would like to Partner with a medium to large Clinical Research group to test SFT at the various levels of care… We would co author a 3 year multi million dollar research and practice grant with a group having  experience working with families and children. The SFT advanced clinical handbook is also a free companion piece for therapists taking this course on line for continuing education credits and has invaluable advanced clinical information and techniques.

Specialized Family Therapy is an online training portal helping family therapists gain expertise in Court-ordered Reconciliation and Co-Parenting Counseling.

We offer NASW—National Association of Social Workers—approved 4 continuing education credits (CEUs) and the Specialized Family Therapist certification, which can enhance your professional standing and allow you to offer your services independently or as part of an agency to the Family Court as well as the Children and Youth Services Protective Services Division in your region.

Make court-ordered reconciliation and co-parenting counseling a successful and profitable part of your therapy practice, and earn continuing education credits while you learn.

The Specialized Family Therapy Practice Guide : Building and Funding an SFT program offers you in depth material that is invaluable to writing winning grant proposals to County, State , Federal and Foundation Funding bodies. Become an innovator with a proven program to reconcile children with a parent and assist separated parents with co parenting. Maurie Heidish

The Specialized Family Therapy Advanced Clinical Handbook: Clinical Skills and funding an SFT program to serve your Region’s Family Court and Children and Youth Protective Services Division

Court Ordered Reconciliation Counseling (Commonly Called Reunification Counseling)

Following a court order for reconciliation counseling, the therapist must assess with the parent if they are ready for the therapist to meet with the child or children. The parent and the child must feel a genuine sense of safety and trust in the presence of the therapist. The Specialized Family Therapy course will give you the tools to make that transition seamless.

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Court Ordered Co-Parenting Counseling

Due to the inability to resolve impasses both on their own and with the use of the courts, parents have been court ordered to attend co-parenting counseling in order to improve the co-parenting relationship. The Specialized Family Therapy course will give you the expertise needed to handle these situations, and make co-parenting counseling a successful part of your own practice.

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